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1d - so i can feel happier
cherrycoloured wrote in sports_secrets
Due to community just starting, I'm posting the submissions post early this week. Don't get used to it ;)

All comments will be screened. Please post all comments anonymously. One secret per comments please.

All secrets must be posted as such:

direct url to secret
sport(s), team(s) (if applicable), player(s)
ETA:if your secret is about a fan fiction, please put the title and author of the story.

For example:
baseball, New York Mets, José Reyes

If part of your secret is the obscuring of the athlete it's about (if you looked at the picture, you wouldn't able to tell who it was of and the text of the secret gives no clues, and that's the point), then you don't have to put sport, team, and player, if you don't want to. Same goes with secrets about fic.

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Secrets? You mean, like, "I'm sleeping with David Wright"?

Really, I'm sleeping with Jos-

Er, sorta. If you really are sleeping with David, I guess that would work here, but something that's seems obviously fake like that will be posted but probably made fun of. And I'll make fun of you for sleeping with David of all people xD Please scroll through the original fandomsecrets and you'll get the idea.

If you have further questions, please contact me at the FAQ! Good luck making secrets! :)

Well, obviously I'm being facetious, but I am having a little trouble understanding what this is all about. "Secrets" seems to be something of a misnomer.

No matter, though. Carry on.

Not really. Like, you could post, "I'm a huge Red Sox fan, but I have a secret crush on Derek Jeter," or "I live in Chicago and all my friends are Cubs fans, but I secretly like the Cards," or "I have sexual fantasies about Ozzie Guillen in a miniskirt"- things you wouldn't want people to know, because it would be embarrassing/bad for your reputation/etc.

Statements like those are believable okay, that last one's a little strange, but it's possible..., where as "I'm sleeping with David Wright," seems like something that someone made up though if you put in Derek Jeter I'm sure people would have no problem believing you. In my experience reading broadwaysecrets, there are occasionally secrets like "I'm sleeping with Kendra Kassebaum and I'm a girl," or "I'm sleeping with someone in this picture," written over a cast picture, and everyone makes fun of them and says they're fake. I'll still post secrets like that, but they will probably be called "fake," even if you really are David's secret lover omg, Jose Reyes posts here? xD.

(Deleted comment)
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